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Apr 13

The Mystery Of Martin’s Car (Or Why We Should Respect Overnight Futures Moves)

There’s a tendency for people to only believe something they see with their own eyes. Traders are no different. When they see things gap or trading at vastly different levels from where they last surveyed it, they might be inclined to fade it or treat it with disbelief as if it wasn’t real. A decade …

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Mar 26

A Quick Pep-Talk, and Exits in $MCK, $GNTX


Another two exit signals tonight making it seven on the week. Hopefully even as the market continues to come under pressure and the exit signals come, you don’t feel a sense of loss but rather triumph when you stop to look back at the scoreboard. You should. This week we’ve had exits in $ATHN +20.1%, …

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Mar 01

How Was Your Trip?


So. A new all time high close last week marks the most recent correction in the S&P officially over. Let’s update the Correction Roadmap:- (Fellow technicians I’m not using log scale for easier viewing – calm down). I call anything over 5% a correction, some prefer that term for moves over 10%, but in either …

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Jan 24

The Correction Roadmap


We’re more than a couple of percent from the all time highs so the business media and anyone else with a timeframe or attention span shorter than my lunch break have gone into ‘markets in turmoil’ mode. Given the level of noise seems to be inversely correlated to the level of the S&P, it’s always …

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Jan 22

What Mohamed El-Erian Leaving PIMCO Really Means For The Bond Market

                            (This page intentionally left blank)                                    

Jan 16

Do You Like My Hat?


Hi. Yes. Thanks for your interest. No problem, let me tell you all about it. It’s a proven methodology over many decades that in the long-run produces double-digit annual average returns without the drawdowns of buy and hold. Well yes it might sound very simple, that’s part of its appeal, and I know people think …

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Jan 06

Distance Yourself From The Noise


The faster something moves┬áthe further back you need to stand to be able to enjoy the action in relative safety. This is what it’s like for Warren Buffett to watch his portfolio:-   Here’s what it’s like for a trend follower, they get to witness some crazy action and still enjoy it, on very rare …

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Dec 26

This Is Easy (Again), And That’s Not Good

In May earlier this year I wrote a post sharing my concerns at just how ‘easy’ it was becoming making money trend following stocks. As long-time readers know, I am not one for calling tops, I don’t trade my subjective opinion, I simply follow trends and will continue to take all signals my system gives …

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