Jan 27

Exiting Long Evercore ($EVR), Eaton Corp ($ETN)

Two more exits triggered from today’s rollercoaster session; trailing stops on $EVR and $ETN, which as of Monday’s close were showing a profit of 34.5% and 2.1% respectively. We will execute both at Tuesday’s open.

Evercore Partners ($EVR) +34.5% (incl 8/26 div $0.22, 11/25 $0.25). Original 7/18 entry post here.

$EVR has been a great ride but that’s a 10% decline in two days straight through the 50-day and our stop.



Eaton Corp ($ETN) +2.1% (incl 10/30 div $0.42). Original 10/28 entry post here.

$ETN had already closed below its 50-day and made a lower low, but we’d been using the breakout of the November highs as our stop, and today’s follow through was enough to take that out too and trigger our exit.








  1. Burke


    I continue to enjoy reading your blog and following your tweets/updates. I wonder if you might consider including your current stop for each stock in your weekly updates. I seem to miss a few of them when posted as Tweets only.

    Either way, I appreciate your site and the time you take to maintain it.

    1. Jon Boorman

      Thank you. The problem is, as you point out, people sometimes miss updates via twitter, so even if I showed all the stops in the weekend review they might mistakenly think those are the current levels when in fact they’ve missed a subsequent update via twitter. Assuming you mean for stocks as it’s a stocks post you’re commenting on, then communicating the updates is largely made redundant anyway given I post every exit in advance of it happening, after the close for the next day’s open. So missing an update on a trailing stop shouldn’t make any difference. FWIW, there is a way to search someone’s twitter feed using key words, so a search of mine using the words ‘move’ ‘moves’ ‘stop’ and ‘stopped’ would be like this https://twitter.com/search?q=stop%20OR%20stopped%20OR%20move%20OR%20moved%20OR%20moves%20from%3AJBoorman&src=typd&f=realtime

  2. Burke

    Thanks and good point. I realize reposting is somewhat redundant. I was just trying to add an extra layer of “safe stop” based on a stop loss trigger order that could activate in the rare instances where I might not be able to execute your exits even when you post them after the close. Thanks for the education on the search functionality. I had not tried that.

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