Feb 05

Here’s Some More Boring Uptrends – $GOOG, $TWX, $CTGX, $POL, $VRX

The great trend follower and ‘market wizard’ Ed Seykota famously remarked ‘everybody gets what they want from the markets’, for many people that is the thrill or excitement they get from trading. In explaining his comment Ed postulated even those who lose money are getting what they truly want subconsciously. For me, when done right, and for the right reasons, trading should actually be one of the most boring things you do. And so it is today.

I’m incredibly bored. The market’s straight back up, everyone calling for a top got their ass handed to them yet again, and the trend followers look like geniuses yet again, surprise surprise. It’s so boring being right. And even more boring and frustrating not being listened to. Here are Ed’s six rules for trading, listen up:

1. Ride your winners

2. Cut your losses

3. Manage your risk

4. Uses stops

5. Stick to the system

6. File the news (news is noise)

That’s it. So here’s some more boring charts in boring uptrends that if you stick with them for as long as they continue to trend will likely make you money. Get bored. But try not to fall asleep.


Google ($GOOG)

Notable outperformance yesterday, continues to show strong accumulation at all time highs.



Time Warner Inc ($TWX)

I think the only stair-stepping trend I’ve ridden better than this one was an escalator at the mall.



Computer Task Group ($CTGX)

About to go into beast mode. Look at the volume, hasn’t even got started. Boring.



PolyOne ($POL)

This one’s very kindly pausing for you to catch on before it rips off a few more faces.



Valeant Pharma ($VRX)





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