Aug 05

An Introduction To Trend Following On Stocks

In the 18 months I’ve been active on social media I’ve had an opportunity to engage with many portfolio managers, some of whom choose to share their insights and vast experience of managing client portfolios.

I’m always particularly interested to learn from anyone who has been in the business longer than they might care to remember! Think about what markets have done over the last 20 years and what you could potentially learn from someone who not only survived and thrived, but successfully brought their clients through it too. They didn’t just get lucky. It means they know how to manage risk.

One such manager is Helyn Bolanis, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Parlan Financial.

Helyn very kindly invited me to write a guest post on Parlan Financial’s wealth management blog, and I was happy to oblige, with a look at how trend following can be implemented on stocks, and provide a solid alternative to ‘buy and hold’. You can read the post here:-

An Introduction To Trend Following On Stocks

You can follow Helyn and Parlan Financial on Twitter:- @helynbolanis @parlanfinancial




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    Well written Jon.

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    Nice post Jon.

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