Apr 28

My Essential Follows On Twitter

Since I started Alpha Capture in January I have slowly been adding pages and categories, it’s a constant work in progress as the blog slowly finds direction and evolves. I hope eventually to expand the ‘Resources’ page into a comprehensive guide to the many sites, disciplines, and teachings I refer to in my posts. As of now it’s fairly sparse but rather than wait for it to be complete I’ll continue to display what’s there as and when it gets added.

Today I wanted to expand on a select group of people I follow on Twitter. If you’ve picked up already on my style and preferences you will know I abhor sensationalism, hypocrisy, or self-aggrandizement, so some of the well-known commentators and content providers that often appear on these ‘best-of’ lists will not be in mine.

Much like a trading system needs to be designed to suit your own personality and trading style, so it is with the likely stream you will cultivate over time on Twitter. There are many smart people I follow, but when I’ve been away from my screen and want to catch up on what’s going on in the world, I go first to a must-follow “Essential” list I created where I know I will very quickly be brought up to speed on what people are looking at and talking about.

Here they are:-

Downtown Josh Brown @reformedbroker

If you’re not already following Josh, at the last count you have over 44,000 people better informed than you about markets. His follower count continues to ratchet up like a pinball machine, and he’s earned every one of them.

Heidi N. Moore @moorehn

Finance and Economics Editor for @GuardianUS, Heidi is front and center on every topical financial and political story, rapidly ascertaining its scope and relevance to markets.

Leigh Drogen @ldrogen

Founder & CEO of Estimize, the open platform for earnings estimates that is making fools of Wall St, Leigh previously ran Surfview Capital where he employed momentum and trend following strategies. He is at the cutting edge of finance and social media and has a keen eye for the latest trends in technology.

Barry Ritholtz @ritholtz

Barry is the no-nonsense Blogfather having been writing The Big Picture for over 10 years and amassed a staggering 26,000 posts and 137 million page views. You’ll find no woolly analysis here, he is purely data-driven, and cuts to the heart of the issue. Author of ‘Bailout Nation,’ the definitive book on the 2008 financial crisis.

Tadas Viskanta @abnormalreturns

Tadas is the Founder and Editor of the ‘forecast-free investment blog’ Abnormal Returns, and an excellent curator of all the days news stories and links of interest.  Provider of the original and still the best linkfest.

Doug Kass @dougkass

Hedge fund manager at Seabreeze Partners specializing in alternative investments, he also provides trade ideas for Real Money Pro, and offers some insightful comments on markets and price action throughout the day.

Eddy Elfenbein @eddyelfenbein

Eddy writes the Crossing Wall Street blog and provides a free weekly newsletter that details his current holdings and buy list. I don’t often immerse myself in the fundamentals but Eddy is one proponent I enjoy reading. Although our disciplines are very different, fundamental value vs trend following, if I come across a name that already meets his criteria and also appears on my own technical screens I pay extra attention.

Derek Hernquist @derekhernquist

Derek is all about process. A portfolio manager for D. Scott Neal, Inc., Derek is a great student of the market and of others methods for trading it. He meticulously combines objective measures of market breadth, sentiment, and supply and demand, with his broad knowledge of behavioral finance and market psychology.

Greg Harmon, CFA, CMT @harmongreg

CIO and Founding Partner of Presidium Capital, Greg runs the Dragonfly Capital blog which specializes in actionable trade ideas on equities and options across multiple timeframes. As well as offering a highly regarded premium service, Greg is an incredibly prolific tweeter providing quality analysis daily on potential trade setups.

JC Parets, CMT @allstarcharts

Founder and President of Eagle Bay Capital, LLC, and Senior Editor of the All Star Charts blog, JC applies his extensive knowledge of technical analysis across a broad range of markets, and can often bring your attention to developing market conditions that no-one else is talking about yet, whether it’s significant divergences in the major indices, or changes in pair trades and traditional ratios that can trigger the next shift in asset allocations.

Ryan Detrick, CMT @ryandetrick

Senior Technical Strategist at Schaeffer’s Investment Research, Ryan has rapidly become the go-to person for statistical market analysis with daily commentary on market internals, seasonality, breadth, and key trends.

Peter L. Brandt @peterlbrandt

A commodity trader with an outstanding track record, Peter is CEO of Factor Trading, LLC. You don’t get to clock up 35 years in the business without consistently managing risk and producing returns. Peter is old school in the very best sense of the term, providing traditional and objective technical analysis of classical chart patterns, executed with absolute discipline. Peter doesn’t post often, but when he does be sure to take notice.

Darvas Trader @darvastrader

The Darvas Trader blog run by Darrin Donnelly, is dedicated to the Nicholas Darvas trading system. I don’t utilize the specifics of Darvas’ work, but it possesses all the facets of a disciplined trend trading system, and while I’m aware of the dangers of confirmation bias, Darrin is someone I’m very happy to see share my view on a stock.

Benzinga @benzinga

In the last 6 months of my job as a broker I did away with all news services and instead used Twitter. These guys were one of the reasons why. They consistently report what you need to know, but it’s earnings season when you really see them kick in to overdrive with one-line takeaway analysis for each report, better than any newswire you’d pay through the nose for.

StockTwits @StockTwits

Many of the great follows above will also be found on StockTwits, but following the StockTwits feed itself ensures I also catch a whole host of insightful analysis from other traders on the network operating across all timeframes and asset classes, as well as the thoughts of their chief protagonists @howardlindzon and @ppearlman.


If you’re not on this list, DO NOT BE OFFENDED!

Many of the above are also great aggregators of yours and others good work. Remember, this list is designed for me to get the highest quality signal with minimum effort when pushed for time. If you’re new to Twitter, start with these and watch who else they mention and RT to slowly build a great stream.



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