Jan 27

One For The Ladies ($KORS)

This is an easy one. In the last few weeks I’ve suddenly been aware of $KORS products laying about the house, presumably recent acquisitions by my wife and daughter. The “affordable luxury” tag $KORS carries is wonderfully appealing, seems like it’s luxury goods for the middle class to me, a brand with luxurious design and appeal that’s priced to make you feel you’re getting a great deal, but also expensive enough to maintain some feeling of exclusivity. Perfect. And they’re lapping it up out there.

In terms of technicals there’s actually not much history to go on here with $KORS coming to the market barely a year ago, but what a year it was, more than doubling from around $24 to over $58 today. The chart speaks for itself, this is a stock breaking out of a 3-month consolidation to new highs on increased volume. With its strong brand appeal and continued growth it’s one I want to be long and would put in the ‘could be anything’ category.


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  1. Ramzy

    Solid analysis, I like your style.

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