Mar 01

Review Of Open Positions – Futures

We entered 3 positions this week bringing our total open positions to 7, and we’re in the very unusual position of all 7 being profitable. We received the long Dollar signal last Friday for Sunday night’s open. Later in the week we also got entries to short Euro, and go long 10yr notes. Here are all the positions with charts:-


Long S&P 500 ($ES_F) 1/28 +$1,050.00 per contract

Monday’s reversal was certainly a wake-up call for many as to how quickly this market could move when it eventually turns, but there was no follow-through at all, and by the end of the week it had regained all its ground, all in the face of the supposed bad news from the sequester becoming reality.



Long 10yr Tsy ($ZN_F) 3/1 +$234.375 per contract

The most recent position from Thursday evening and off to a good start with the 10yr closing at a 10-wk high.



Long Dollar ($DX_F) 2/25 +$620.00 per contract

The move to 6-month highs today had plenty of pundits coming on TV to explain how it’s possible for the dollar to rally at the same time as the stockmarket. Fortunately our system doesn’t rely on whether it makes sense or not.



Short Japanese Yen ($6J_F) 11/21 +$19,637.50 per contract

Monday’s huge 400bp range day certainly had the look and feel of a game-changer, and many thought the trend was already over. By Friday however the Yen had finished lower on the week.



Short Euro ($6E_F) 2/27 +$550.00 per contract

This was wrong immediately and felt horrible as entries often do, short into an oversold market at a support level. The Euro temporarily broke the psychological 1.3000 level before recovering, but the trend remains down.



Short Sterling ($6B_F) 1/24 +$4,918.75 per contract

Another currency testing what is mostly a psychological level (1.5000) and it’s getting pretty stretched now, down 1200bps in 8 weeks or so, a bounce to test the underside of that 1.5300-1.5400 support break would be no surprise at all, and would be very manageable given the extent of the move so far.



Short Gold ($GC_F) 2/19 +$3,390.00 per contract

Gold made a strong attempt to climb back above that support break but weakened to finish lower on the week.




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