Apr 14

Review Of Open Positions – Stocks

Only one change to our portfolio this week, and that was getting stopped on SolarWinds ($SWI) after Friday’s close, so we will exit at Monday’s open. I’ll write a separate post on it soon.

That leaves us with 27 open positions. We have 5 losers, 22 winners. It was a strong week for the market overall, with many of our stocks already in strong uptrends continuing to lead the way. As always, let’s start with the losers first, then the winners, highlighting any charts worthy of additional comment.

Here are the losers:-

Microchip Tech ($MCHP) -0.6%

For what is a losing position, $MCHP sure is a good-looking one. I like how this followed through from last week’s hold of support and reversal higher. It’s now sitting atop the 20 and 50-day with just a descending trendline keeping it from fresh highs. I’d be very surprised if it didn’t attempt to break out this week.



PerkinElmer ($PKI) -0.8%

$PKI is another one that initially got off to a rough start for us, but despite breaking below its moving averages, never invalidated the longer-term uptrend. Although it’s still within that 3-month range, it’s putting together another series of higher lows and may need just one more brief consolidation before attempting to break out.


Other losers are:-

Aruba Networks ($ARUN) -0.9%

PolyOne ($POL) -0.7%

On Assignment ($ASGN) -0.9%


Here are the winners:-

Green Mountain Coffee ($GMCR) +23.5%

I’ve talked about this one a lot when I’ve given intraday commentary on some positions, as it just continues to act impressively. What appeals most, is despite it’s already put some significant gains in place it continues to do so at a very steady pace, you really couldn’t accuse $GMCR of being ramped higher, moving exponentially, or being overbought, it’s just plodding away, defying the skeptics, and heavy short-interest, much like the market overall.



LinkedIn ($LNKD) +49.7%

What an absolute beast this thing is. I can’t fault anyone who’s caught this move for taking some profit if they have different timeframes and objectives to us, but it remains the case at no point has it ever shown signs of stopping. Even with the stellar performance it’s produced, it’s consolidated it in a very constructive manner. It’s also evident with the relative leadership and volume on up days, this is a stock that continues to see institutional support.



Google ($GOOG) +4.1%

$GOOG has struggled to maintain the momentum that took it to all time highs over a month ago, but showed signs of life last week rallying along with the broader market. It’s a start, but it’s still got plenty of work to do, most immediately to clear the $790-94 level which halted its progress last week.



Time Warner Inc ($TWX) +16.6%

Media stocks have continued to be strong overall in this market and $TWX has proved to be no exception, steadily resuming its uptrend on increased volume after each minor correction.



Nike ($NKE) +11.1%

A good strong resumption of its uptrend to all time highs following a 2-week consolidation of the post-earnings gap higher. This is becoming a familiar pattern with $NFLX, $FLT, $LNKD all putting in similar moves, consolidating a gap and running on, as buyers give up waiting for a pullback and come in at higher levels.



Corrections Corp ($CXW) +6.5%

$CXW rewarded our patience with a beautiful textbook breakout and follow through on increased volume.


Other winners are:-

Computer Task Group ($CTGX) +1.7%

Valeant Pharma ($VRX) +10.1%

Visa ($V) +4.3%

Hertz ($HTZ) +31.1%

Ameren ($AEE) +6.9%

Dominion Resources ($D) +10.2%

Sempra Energy ($SRE) +8.2%

Wisconsin Energy ($WEC) +9.8%

Sprint ($S) +5.3%

Fifth & Pacific ($FNP) +21.3%

Range Resources ($RRC) +2.1%

HCA Holdings ($HCA) +2.9%

Cerner ($CERN) +1.9%

Packaging Corp ($PKG) +5.3%

Corning ($GLW) +1.7%

IBM ($IBM) +0.7%


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