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Dec 21

Weekend Review and Watchlist


This week I’m not going to dwell too much on what happened and why (as if I know), as by now I would be amazed if you didn’t already know the adventures of oil, Russia, and the Fed, or haven’t heard at least a dozen different takes on it. Rather, I will concentrate on where …

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May 22

Exiting Long Ameren ($AEE), Sempra Energy ($SRE), Corrections Corp ($CXW)


Today’s reversal and sell-off triggered exit signals in 3 of our longs:- Our two remaining utilities, Ameren ($AEE), and Sempra ($SRE), as well as Corrections Corp ($CXW). We’ll exit all three at Thursday’s open. All three are seen as high-yielding defensive names, so it seems ironic they are our first victims of market weakness. In …

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