Sep 11

Trend Following Update – Entering Long British Pound

We made mention of how close we were to getting a signal on the Pound earlier this week and got confirmation today following a strong session rallying 100bps to close through 1.58 and trigger an entry at tonight’s open.

We are now SHORT 30yr, 10yr, and LONG NASDAQ, Pound, Oil, Gold.

Long Pound ($6B_F) 9/12 +$0.00 per contract

The Pound has been our most frequently traded currency with four signals this year; one successful short early in the year and three smaller losing trades subsequently as it became rangebound. This most recent signal follows a break of that range, clearing 1.57 in convincing fashion to reach the highest mark since January.



Our existing positions are as follows:-


Long NASDAQ ($NQ_F) 7/18 +$2,150.00 per contract


Short 30yr ($ZB_F) 5/13 +$12,875.00 per contract

Short 10yr ($ZN_F) 9/4 +$109.38 per contract


Long Crude Oil ($CL_F) 7/5 +$7,050.00 per contract

Long Gold ($GC_F) 8/16 +$50.00 per contract




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