Jul 05

Trend Following Update – Entering Long Dollar, Short Yen, Euro, Sterling

The extended move in currencies has again triggered signals in all 4 of our currency components. This happened before only recently but remains very rare, possibly an indication of just how strongly correlated markets currently are. Here are the new signals, we will enter them all at Sunday night’s open:-

Long Dollar ($DX_F) 7/8 +$0.00 per contract

The dollar has now firmly established a new uptrend with today’s rally taking out the daily and weekly closing highs of mid-May.



Short Japanese Yen ($6J_F) 7/8 +$0.00 per contract

After a brief consolidation the Yen renewed it’s intermediate downtrend, closing at a six-week low.



Short Euro ($6E_F) 7/8 +$0.00 per contract

The Euro still has some support levels just below here but on a weekly chart just took out an ascending trendline from the November lows.



Short Sterling ($6B_F) 7/8 +$0.00 per contract

Sterling has seen a rapid slide following the market’s take on the no-nonsense approach from new BOE Governor Carney, making the whole March-June move look like one large countertrend. Friday’s marginal close below the March low puts us at 3 year lows.



Our existing positions are as follows:-

Short S&P 500 ($ES_F) 6/21 -$2,250.00 per contract

Short NASDAQ ($NQ_F) 6/21 -$1,645.00 per contract

Short 30yr ($ZB_F) 5/13 +$11,562.50 per contract

Short 10yr ($ZN_F) 5/13 +$6,484.375 per contract

Long Crude Oil ($CL_F) 7/5 +$2,540.00 per contract

Short Gold ($GC_F) 4/5 +$33,160.00 per contract







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