Jul 20

Trend Following Update – Entering Long Euro

One new signal for our futures portfolio this weekend – Long Euro, which we will enter at Sunday night’s open. Going in to Monday we will be SHORT 30yr, Yen, Sterling, Gold, and LONG S&P, NASDAQ, Euro, Oil.

Long Euro ($6E_F) 7/22 +$0.00 per contract

We got stopped in our previous short position following that vicious trend reversal earlier this month, and it’s now beginning to look like it was more than just a countertrend move given how it has since consolidated and held its ground above its MA’s, consistently rallying off its worst intraday levels to record a series of higher lows.



Our existing positions are as follows:-

Long S&P ($ES_F) 7/18 +$650.00 per contract

Long NASDAQ ($NQ_F) 7/18 -605.00 per contract

Short 30yr ($ZB_F) 5/13 +$8,093.75 per contract

Short Japanese Yen ($6J_F) 7/8 -$712.50 per contract

Short Sterling ($6B_F) 7/8 -$2,418.75 per contract

Long Crude Oil ($CL_F) 7/5 +$7,190.00 per contract

Short Gold ($GC_F) 4/5 +$25,840.00 per contract




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