May 14

Trend Following Update: Long Dollar

As we’d suggested earlier we got confirmation after the close of a long signal in the dollar which we’ll enter at tonight’s open. This brings us up to 7 open positions: LONG S&P, Nasdaq, Dollar, SHORT 30yr, 10yr, Yen, Gold.

Long Dollar Index ($DX_F) 5/15 +$0.00 per contract


It was another great day for all our existing positions which now stand as follows:-

Long S&P ($ES_F) 5/6 +$2,012.50 per contract

Long Nasdaq ($NQ_F) 5/6 +$1,200.00 per contract

Short 30yr ($ZB_F) 5/13 +$1,093.75 per contract

Short 10yr ($ZN_F) 5/13 +$421.875 per contract

Short Japanese Yen ($6J_F) 4/10 +$4,025.00 per contract

Short Gold ($GC_F) 4/5 +$13,030.00 per contract



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